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Anda merasa kesepian? coba yuk simak video lucu ini supaya kita bisa tahu betapa hebatnya kebersamaan.


3 Dasar Strategi Pembukaan Catur

Menguasai teori permainan akhir dalam catur memang sanagt diperlukan. Meskipun demikian, mtidak ada salahnya juga jika kita mengetahui dasar – dasar pembukaan dalam catur sehingga bisa membimbing kita dalam permainan tengah lalu permainan akhir. Pentingnya belajar pembukaan dikhawtirkan jika nanti kita sudah di mate kan dalam pembukaan yang tricky.

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5 Evening Habits of Successful People

Many have heard the phrase “The early bird catches the worm,” and that may be true, but the truth is that highly successful people have habits for both the morning and the evening that make both time frames more productive. The evening is a crucial period of resetting, and maximizing the use of that time can do wonders. Lanjutkan membaca 5 Evening Habits of Successful People

10 Habits Successful People Give Up to Increase Their Productivity

What are you willing to do in order to reach success? It is common among people these days to be average and not stand out too much. But those who are successful do not fall under this category.

In order to stay on top of your game and reach the level of success you want, you need to follow a certain set of self-induced rules. Success is not something that happens by accident; if you want it bad enough, you will get it. Learn the habits that successful people have given up in order to reach their own success.

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16 Everyday Habits of Highly Productive People

Most articles about everyday habits offer only the overall, generic advice like: ‘go above and beyond,’ ‘get more organized,’ ‘respect others,’ etc. without offering any doable tricks or examples of what this actually looks like. What many of these articles fail to provide is applicable, basic tips that the basic layman can apply to life tomorrow and instantly feel better about their circumstances. That ends here.

Below you will find a list of 16 tips and tricks that will help guide you to a more fulfilled life. Lanjutkan membaca 16 Everyday Habits of Highly Productive People