Sometimes in our live we need to choose which one is more important. We couldn’t say that our decision for choosing something is wrong. It has been our decision. It means that we should take responsible on it.

“ Let’s have a camp!” Said my friend ambitiously.

“Whoa, that’s a great idea, I believe that it would became unforgettable moment after we have graduated from our university” John answered it with his smartly style.

“Wait, are you sure guys? We haven’t planned it yet. Trust me it would not be a great event because it is unplanned. We didn’t have any preparation on it, even we haven’t prepared where the place is” Answered me for rejecting this crazy idea.

“Ha ha ha, it is a silly question, Fan. I believe that we can solved it easily. There are many great destination that we have. Let me solved this kind of problem” Answered john as if he is know everything in this world.

After we have that conversation, I just went back to my house. I did not care with their plan because I have something to do. However, they still want to ask my confirmation about this camp, but I always reject it.

10 day later. They came to my house. It just likes usual they came and did everything that they want in my house as if my house is their own house. I thought that it is no matter for me as long as they feel comfort in my house.

“Fan, we have finished our plan for having camp together” Said Jackson to me.

“Do you still think about it? Just let it go, I don’t want to do this camp, I prefer to choose stay at home then playing video game or even sleeping in my beloved bed” Answered me easily

“Come on, Fan. Everyone in our faculty will join except you are. If we don’t do it as our last togetherness, when we will have a free time? I believe that in the future every single of us will busy with their own job” Said Michael.

Finally, I did not join on it. I just stayed at home because I just felt that if I’ve a bad feeling in my heart. They always send their picture about her happiness in camp. I just ignore in every single of their happiness till the condition changed. I did not know why my phone always ringing. I rejected it in many time then one of them send massage to me.

“Please help me, Fan. We’re in our limit now. We’ve an accident here. There are many tigers here and they have killed john as the first prey. We’re afraid here because I think that the tigers will find us and eat us or their prey. Please, come here and bring something useful for us” Massage Michael to me.

“Ha ha ha, it is a big lying, I will not go there because my deep heart does not agree if i’ve a camp” Said me in my heart.

A cold midnight has came but my phone always ringing about her calling. Then, I accepted john calling.

“ Irfan… Irfan…. Irfan… help us,, help us” sound ghostly in my ear.

Huh, they tried to have tricky on me. Suddenly, I slept in the my comfort night, but I started think that if they said that john has been killed by the tigers. It means that they has been became a ghost. I was afraid here.

After I’ve think about it, I felt strange with my window. There was someone knocked on my window and I saw it there was no one on it. However, I felt I was really afraid at that time. Not too long before I went back to my bed, I heard my window has been knocked again and I saw john at there.

Finally, I brave to came for helping them eventhought I have a bad feeling on it. I drove my car by my self, but I still couldn’t get out from my frightened. Sometimes I saw john sat beside of me in my seat car. I couldn’t focus on my drove. I always panic everytime then suddenly I couldn’t control self. Unlucky, my car was crashed by a truck. After I’ve this accident I tried to run out from my car but I couldn’t did it.

On the last time, I smelt the gasoline then suddenly my car bursted. I stiil inside the car when my car was brusting. Now I’ve been died and I wrote this story for you. Ha Ha Ha.


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