Families in SMAN SUMSEL


Here we are, in Sman sumsel.  I thought this is just my small word of my whole word, Ha ha ha 😀 . Small here does not mean that is going to bad or to worth for me, but it is only represented my network on real life. Yeah, I have limitations for having networking here, we have barrier around us as if we’re in a jail. However, I still have much family here.

Live around a barrier everywhere, it is the characteristic of dormitory life. At the beginning, I felt that I would not have a family here. At that time, I felt sad because I would live far away from my parents and also I would live without everyone I know here. It is something new guys, something that I should accept to get improvement in our live.

I really did not know what should I did at the beginning live in sman sumsel dormitory? Luckily, it was not only me have this kind of problem but also the others. But, I believe that it was just a matter of time to adapt. So, I just let it go.

Time by time was running as if it is unconsciously. Then, we have known about a great organization is called House Family Official. This organization regulates about our dormitory life. They are have nine house under their control. I didn’t know this before so that I felt happy about it.

“What is House?” My question for my senior here.

“It is something likes our family here, I couldn’t explain to you because you’ll find the answer by your self” a common senior’s answer.

I never think where my house is. Luckily, my hand prefer to choose Mantaray house as my family. I didn’t know what is the effect of this system? After this system was running, I  didn’t feel any changes in my live here.

M A N T A  R A Y

We life in one room when this program was running. No changes in my life, it is just flow like I feel i didn’t get anything. But, it is suddenly became such a bumb because the system was changed. The new system made us get separated from our house. We didn’t live in one room anymore, but we live with another house from same intake.

It is something different for every students, but no matter, they’re can adapt very well after did this system became their habbitual. More than six month we have did this program. Finally, we use back to the old program which is one room consist of one house.

Huh, it is something happy and finally I can know the meaning of what house is.

Writer: Ksy, Irfan

I really need you support for improving my self. Please, give suggestion about grammatically error in this article.  Thanks 😀

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